Golden State Warriors could have won the NBA 2019 finals against the Raptors if Kevin Durant was not injured. But then again Durant’s injury would not have gotten worse if he had not played in a weakened state. It is still a matter of controversy whether the Warriors team forced Durant to play in the fifth final match even after his leg injury or the star himself took the decision.

The end result was that Kevin ruptured his Achilles tendon and had to undergo a surgery for that. A minor injury that could have been healed in days will now take around a year. It is a matter of importance and every other team should learn from it. Here is how Kevin Durant’s injury has changed the NBA stats and what can other teams do to avoid the same.

Recovery after Injuries

Kevin Durant Injury Comebacks

NBA has now become so popular that it is now treated as a source of entertainment, rather than sports. It is the main reason why they are always trying to make it exciting, and player returning after their injuries are glorified as heroes. Willis Reed coming back in the 7th final match, Michael Jordan playing after having a Flu or Steve Nash playing with a black eye are some of the prime examples.

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“But as I start this new chapter in my basketball life, the number I’ll be wearing on my back is the number 7 next time you see me on the floor. One time Brooklyn.”

- Kevin Durant via @35Ventures
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The point is that every injury is different, while in some cases the player gets to rest and comes out stronger, in others, it can get worse. The Warriors re-signed Klay Thompson for a high price, even though he is recovering from his ACL surgery. The fans, media and the NBA teams should learn that a player’s health is more important, compared to the TRP of the game.

Teams have to balance the Player Games

Kevin Durant Player Game Balance

The San Antonio Spurs tried to play with an injured Kawhi Leonard and it cost them both the game and the player. The Warriors could have also avoided the Kevin Durant injury if they were not so eager for the finals trophy. The NBA teams need to understand that when they should give rest to a player.

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You already know.

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Also, it is not just about injuries, playing continuous games without any break can also be harmful to a player. Kevin Love has been gone through a lot of pain while playing nonstop for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After he got injured, the Cavs are now trading out Love. It could have been easily avoided if the Cavaliers team handled the player with care. Other NBA teams need to learn and balance out the games played by their team members.