NBA trade Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Nets Dangelo Russell Klay Thompson Warriors Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Free Agency 2019

NBA free agency 2019 started with a bang, and a lot of trade deals were made in the opening hours. Some of them were already bound to happen, while others shocked everyone. A few NBA teams got their favorite star players, while others are still waiting for a deal. The Lakers are still saving their $32 million of cap space in a hope to sign in Kawhi Leonard.

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At the same time, the New York Knicks only managed to sign some average players and planning to score big names in free agency 2021. Apart from that, most of the top NBA players have made deals and chosen their teams. Here are the free agency deals which are done or will be done before the deadline.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Nets

Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving NBA trade deal free agency 2019

As the reports said, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the same New York team, but it was Brooklyn Nets and not the Knicks. Both players signed a max four-year deals with the Nets, which has made everyone excited. The Brooklyn team has now a strong chance to become an NBA 2020 finals contender.

D’Angelo Russel and Klay Thompson in Warriors

Klay Thompson, D'Angelo Russell Warriors NBA trade deal free agency 2019

After losing Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors had no option, but to re-sign an injured Klay Thompson for a max deal. The Warriors also asked for D’Angelo Russel from the Brooklyn Nets, as a part of sign and trade deal. With both of them in their playing squad, the Warriors are hoping that they could build a strong team for the next NBA season.

Jimmy Butler in Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler NBA trade deal free agency 2019

Jimmy Butler made up his mind and decided to leave the Philadelphia 76ers for a better deal. The team of Miami Heat was quick to take advantage and offered Butler a max four-year deal, which he gladly accepted. Given there is a third team involved in the form of Dallas Mavericks which can back off, the Miami team will try their best to work it out.

Other Top Player Deals

Other Top Players NBA trade deal free agency 2019

Apart from the five top free agents, there are a lot of other names whose deals were equally important in changing the shape of the NBA. Here are the other top player trade deals in the free agency 2019:

  • Kemba Walker to Boston Celtics
  • Tobia Harris re-signs with Philadelphia 76ers
  • Al Horford to Philadelphia 76ers
  • Terry Rozier to Charlotte Hornets
  • Khris Middleton re-signs with Milwaukee Bucks
  • Patrick Beverly re-signs with Los Angeles Clippers
  • Thad Young to Chicago Bulls
  • DeAndre Jordan to Brooklyn Nets
  • Jordan Bell to Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Bobby Portis to New York Knicks