NBA Golden State Warriors Zaza Pachulia

Golden State Warriors made to the last five NBA finals and won two out of them. It might be possible that they can’t even top the Western Conference table with most of their players gone in the free agency. It is the reason why the Dubs team is trying everything it can to win big in the next season of NBA games.

The Warriors are trying to get their old team back and hence a deal with Andrew Bogut who played in the 2019 finals is also on the cards. The latest addition to the Warriors team is their veteran star Zaza Pachulia. Since there is no place in the team roster and Pachulia is too old to play, he has been bought back as a consultant to the team.

Zaza Pachulia as Assistant Coach

Golden State Warriors NBA Zaza Pachulia as Coach

Zaza Pachulia has been an important part of the Warriors team and was also responsible for the team winning back to back titles in 2017 and 2018. After that, he played the last season of his NBA career with the Detroit Pistons and kind of retired from the game. The Warriors have now hired Pachulia as their new consultant on both the business and basketball side of team operations.

Along with that, the entire coaching staff of Steve Kerr has been promoted. The ex-forward of Warriors team, Mike Dunleavy Jr. has been made the new assistant general manager. While the job of Pachulia is of a consultant, he will also be indirectly acting as the assistant coach of the team.

Strategy to make the Winning Formation

NBA Golden State Warriors Zaza Pachulia Winning formation back

The Warriors team are trying their groove back and get back in the same form it was during the last five years. Everyone is saying that the Warriors dynasty in NBA is over and they are trying to prove them wrong. It seems that the new strategy of the Dubs team is to make the winning formation once again.

Klay Thompson is expected to recover and return soon, and they are also planning to use D’Angelo Russel as Kevin Durant replacement. The return of Andrew Bogut kind of makes the Warriors the same team with just a few changes.