NBA DeMarcus Cousins LA Lakers NBA 2020 Title

DeMarcus Cousins finally got a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers after sitting out the free agency. Even though the contract amount was a bit low, Cousins had a chance to prove himself and play alongside a contender team. The 29-year-old player has faced several problems in his career due to his injuries and the same thing has happened once again.

Cousins tore his ACL while working out in Las Vegas earlier this week. The torn ACL means a lot of trouble for Cousins, Lakers and the entire NBA games. Here is why the Lakers could lose the NBA 2020 title because of Cousins’s new injury.

Lakers Roster without Cousins

Trouble for Lakers

DeMarcus Cousins aka Boogie was supposed to open up the game for the LA Lakers in the next NBA season. Since Boogies is out, the only decent starter left in the Lakers roster is JaVale McGee, who is not that great at his job. It means that the Lakers might have no other option and Anthony Davis needs to play at the center position.

Although that’s a good choice, then again it creates the trouble of using Davis too much. If that happens, LeBron James also has to play more number of games and it makes him prone to injuries. If James gets injured, the Lakers are stuck without any biggies and can’t win the next NBA title in any situation.

Future of DeMarcus Cousins

Future of Cousins

Nothing has been going good for DeMarcus Cousins as he was not even totally healthy in the recent Warriors vs. Raptors finals. While last season was meant for Boogie to return to his full glory, he was kind of responsible for the Warriors loss. Kevin Durant also got injured and everyone started blaming it and hence Cousins was saved from the embarrassment.

It is no doubt that Cousins is an extremely talented NBA player but he needs to show that. In order to do that, Boogie has to stay healthy and perform. None of that is working out and his future in NBA looks very bleak at the moment. There are high chances that in the next NBA free agency, Cousins will again struggle to find good deals.