NBA LA Lakers DeMarcus Cousins NBA Finals 2020

Los Angeles Lakers are always focusing on their two biggest stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They kind of keep it, forgetting that basketball is a team sport and they do need to think about other players. The Lakers acquired a lot of players as the free agency ended and now they have a stacked roster.

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the latest players to join the team of Lakers who can also change the game for them. Apart from his recent injuries, Cousin is an amazing player that has been a part of teams such as the Pelicans and Warriors. Frank Vogel, the head coach of Lakers, is confident in Cousins and says that he will be back in form soon.

Road to Recovery

NBA LA Lakers DeMarcus Cousins NBA Finals 2020 Road to Recovery

DeMarcus Cousins got his first major injury while playing for the New Orleans Pelicans where he ruptured his Achilles tendon. Due to that injury, he had to settle for a minimum contract of $5.3 million with the team of Warriors. He took his time to recover and performed very well in the few matches he played.

But Cousins was still not a hundred percent healthy and hence he was again traded to the Lakers for an average deal. The good thing about DeMarcus Cousins being in the Lakers roster is that he will get enough time to recover as they already have a lot of players. With time and proper handling, Cousins will soon be fully healthy and stronger as he was before.

Back to Glory Days in Hollywood

NBA DeMarcus Cousins NBA Finals 2020 Lakers to the Win

Frank Vogel believes that Cousins in the Lakers team will soon be back as his true self. The city of Hollywood has that power where every player gets his groove back in a short time. Cousins have played with Anthony Davis in the Pelicans team and had a great bonding.

The veteran player has also faced LeBron James and can handle his high attitude in the court. Danny Green and Avery Bradley are also familiar faces to Cousins. All this can lead to Cousins getting back in form and taking the Lakers team to win the NBA 2020 title.