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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Not Getting Trade Deals Due to Instagram Memes?

NBA Carmelo Anthony Trade Deals

Carmelo Anthony was fully confident that the Brooklyn Nets will offer him a trade deal as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and other players were advocating his name. But the Nets kind of insulted Melo by signing his younger teammate Lance Thomas at their last spot in the team roster. It raises an important question that why did none of the NBA teams is ready to sign Anthony.

The Houston Rockets removed him a year ago and Carmelo Anthony is still a free agent. Former NBA player Nick Young has his own theory on the subject and believes Instagram memes are the reason why Melo is not getting an NBA trade deal.

Melo plays Old Style Basketball

Melo plays Old Style Basketball

Nick Young says, “I think it got a lot to do with Instagram, how he’s being treated. Every time he shoots the ball it’s a meme. It’s kinda funny, but it kinda messed him up.”

It is somewhat true to an extent as there are a lot of viral videos on Instagram where Carmelo Anthony is seen playing basketball in his older style. It has become a trend after Melo joined the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017 and turned into negative publicity after he was removed from the Rockets team.

Carmelo Anthony Team-up Problems

Carmelo Anthony Team-up Problems

Carmelo Anthony has a lot of other problems which include his growing age, attitude and ego issues. Melo needs to realize that he is not the same player he once was and accept the reduced roles he has been offered. There is no way he can lead any NBA team in the 2019-20 season, most he can do is be a supportive team member.

NBA trade deadlines have still time left and he can show the teams his worth and change of heart. Otherwise, Anthony should play in the upcoming NBA All-Star game and send out a message to the NBA teams.

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