Brooklyn Nets Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony was rumored to be getting a new deal from the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were pushing for it. Everyone in the NBA circles was pairing up the three stars and picturing Melo in the Nets uniform. But unfortunately, the bubble has burst as Melo is still without a team.

The NBA expert Shams Charania has said that the Nets are no longer interested in Carmelo Anthony and would be signing some other players to fill the last spot on their roster. As per the reports, Lance Thomas from the Knicks who have also played along with Melo has been signed by the Nets. The reason behind this is obvious as the Nets can’t handle the leadership ego of Carmelo Anthony and they already have Durant and Irving to take the lead.

Carmelo Anthony only wants to Play the Leader

Carmelo Anthony wants to be a Leader

One must wonder why none of the NBA team is signing Carmelo Anthony despite his name is linked with a new team almost every other week. The answer to this question is Melo itself as he has never proved his skills to any teams. It has been a year since he played in the NBA games and after that, he is making headlines by his interviews and not his play skills.

Carmelo has been saying that he’s willing to reduce his role and play just for 15 to 20 minutes but he has never shown that on the field. The 35-year-old NBA star has a lot of issues regarding taking the leadership, which is why the Rockets removed him to favor their star player James Harden.

Melo can Prove his worth in the All-Star Games

Melo can Prove his worth in the All-Star Games

Carmelo Anthony has been training and working out but what the NBA teams needs are a contribution on the basketball court. The NBA All-Star games are coming up, Melo can be a part of it and show the world that he still got it. There are some other factors also that Anthony has to pass, such as playing alongside younger stars and listening to the coaches. It will still take some time for Carmelo Anthony to get on an NBA team once again.