Carmelo Anthony was getting no solid offers from any of the NBA teams and Brooklyn Nets were his last hope. But now his dream to join the Nets is also gone as they have signed Lance Thomas instead. It has to be a big insult to Melo as Thomas is kind of a junior to him.

In the last NBA season, Thomas has an average of 4.5 points and 2.5 rebounds during the previous season and appeared in 46 games. Whereas Anthony is much more experienced and has way better numbers. Still, the Nets decided to sign Lance Thomas, who played together with Carmelo Anthony in the Knicks only to insult the star.

Lance Thomas trying to Repair the Damage

NBA Carmelo Anthony Brooklyn Nets Lance Thomas trying to Repair the Damage

Even Lance Thomas is surprised by the deal and has been covering up from his side to repair some of the damage and not break his relations with Carmelo Anthony. Thomas played under Anthony for many years in the New York Knicks and hence it is logical of him to defend his teammate. Here is what Lance has been saying regarding Melo and the whole situation.

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[blockquote footer=”Lance Thomas on Carmelo Anthony “]A guy of his caliber and status has always the standup guy in the NBA league. He has given a lot to the basketball, we shared many amazing memories together and he always helped his teammates. [/blockquote]

Brooklyn Nets avoiding Carmelo Anthony

Brooklyn Nets avoiding Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony now doesn’t have many options left and the Clippers are the next team associated with him. LA Clippers got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in free agency, they could surely use Melo in the backcourt as the backup guard position.

The real reason every NBA team is trying to avoid Anthony is because of his past behavior and bad attitude. Further, the star is getting older and slower, there is not much basketball left in him. Brooklyn Nets or any other team would like to avoid Carmelo Anthony as the trouble he brings is not worth the contribution he provides.

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