Carmelo Anthony’s dreams to go with the Lakers and join LeBron James are over as they have signed Dwight Howard. However, all hopes might not be lost as latest NBA rumours claim a deal with LA Clippers is possible for Melo.

When DeMarcus Cousins was injured, Melo had high hopes to get a call from Lakers but nothing of that sort happened. Anthony even tried to prove his value by trying to play for Team USA basketball world cup and they also rejected his bid.

There might be a chance still left as the Los Angeles Clippers are still looking for a player to complete their roster. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George needs some experienced player to handle the other side of the court. The team would also face problems against LeBron James in the Lakers vs. Clippers game and Melo could be a secret weapon against him.

Clippers wants Veteran Free Agent

Clippers needs veteran free agent

The Clippers are looking at the options to sign an experienced veteran free agent and Carmelo Anthony is currently the top name in their list. There were some reports about Melo’s bad attitude is the reason why no NBA teams are offering him a deal. It is why his camp has been making efforts to improve his image in front of the media.

They are saying Carmelo was made the scapegoat for every team which couldn’t perform due to their own failures. While how much of this is true will be up for debate, the Clippers would think about the future rather than the past. There is an opening and Melo fits the bills and hence Doc Rivers would do the right thing and make a new trade deal with him.

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Carmelo Anthony vs LeBron James

NBA LA Clippers Carmelo Anthony LeBron James

Lakers vs. Clippers could be the final match of NBA 2019-20 season and is such a situation a single player can change the whole game. The Warriors lost the 2019 finals as Kevin Durant was injured before the game. Miami Heat won two back to back finals and Cleveland Cavaliers won one NBA final as LeBron James was leading the team.

The same thing can happen again where the Lakers dominate the game as they have LeBron James. In such a situation, having someone like Carmelo Anthony on the opposite team can balance the power. Melo knows James very well and can play mind games with him too, thus Clippers will have their secret weapon to defeat the Lakers.

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