Enes Kanter NBA Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks Trade Deal

Carmelo Anthony has played for plenty of NBA teams and none of them are offering him a deal. Melo has been a great player and named NBA All-Star 10 times and an All-NBA member six times. He was nearly unstoppable during his prime and can still easily shoot the ball.

Enes Kanter, who has played for a few NBA teams including the New York Knicks believes Melo would be a great addition to the Knicks. While Anthony is rumored to be in trade talks with Lakers, Heat, Celtics, and others, the Knicks could also offer him a deal. Kanter’s point is right as Melo is still an amazing player and the Knicks could soon offer him a new deal.

Knicks don’t have any Star Player

New York Knicks needs Melo

New York Knicks had a lackluster free agency and none of the star players joined the team. It was rumored that Kevin Durant might sign with the Knicks, but his injury changed him to join Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn Nets. The fact that New York team have a lot of money and still can’t sign any popular players is bothering the fans a lot.

The Knicks could use this opportunity as Carmelo Anthony would easily agree for a deal. One can even say that Melo and Knicks need each other and a trade deal would benefit both. Enes Kanter also has the same opinion and says that Melo could easily score 25 points in any game and he belongs to an NBA team.

Melo knows the Knicks Team

Carmelo Anthony is a Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is said to be the toughest player out there and it was almost impossible to guard him. Many of the players believe that the NBA has conspired against Melo and are trying to blackball him. The same can be said for the team of New York Knicks as none of the popular free agents joined their team despite them offering a huge salary.

The Knicks and Anthony are rejected by the rest of the NBA and they should team up to prove everyone wrong. Anthony has played in New York for seven seasons from 2011 to 2017 and knows everything about the team. Melo has a great bonding with the Knicks and rejoining them would be a good choice.