NBA Anthony Davis LA Lakers NY Knicks Free Agency 2020

Anthony Davis was signed by the Lakers to make him their future superstar after LeBron James. Although Davis is under contract to play for the LA team for the NBA 2020 titles, he will become a free agent after that. There is no guarantee that Davis might still play with the Lakers as he has previously hinted playing for his home team, Chicago Bulls.

The latest reports suggest that Anthony might join the New York Knicks in the next free agency. The primary reason being the too much scrutiny and limelight in the Hollywood NBA team. Rich Paul, the agent for Anthony Davis has also somewhat confirmed the deal with the Knicks.

Free Agency 2020

NBA Anthony Davis Free Agency 2020 Lakers Knicks

Los Angeles Lakers are such a big name that every player is looked upon by millions of people and are always under the cameras. Last year, Lonzo Ball’s dad was confident for a title win, but the player declines such reports calling it media blabber.

The next free agency in 2020 won’t have big NBA names as most of them have already signed long term deals in the current free agency. There will be a shortage of stars in the 2020 free agent pool and Anthony Davis can get a much better deal. New York Knicks are the team with the highest amount of money in their cap space. Hence, Rich Paul, the agent likes the idea of Davis joining the Knicks in a blockbuster deal.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James

NBA Anthony Davis and James

The primary reason Anthony Davis can leave the Lakers team is none other than his partner and new friend, LeBron James. It is the same reason why Kawhi Leonard declined the offers from Lakers and joined the Clippers instead. James is a hard man to follow, he has the ball in his hand most of the time and other players are kind of like sidekicks to him.

James had an average of 27.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 8.3 assists in the last season. Anthony Davis doesn’t have much practice of playing with a ball-dominant player in the court. There is no way Davis would like to play as a shadow behind LeBron James and might leave the Lakers soon.