Anthony Davis Trade Deal NBA Chicago Bulls

Anthony Davis was one of the biggest trade deal in the NBA 2019 draft lottery. The Los Angeles Lakers got Davis in exchange for 3 of their players and several future picks. Lakers wanted Davis to team up with LeBron James and have a solid power duo.

While the duo is looking good and the Lakers have the best odds to win the next NBA title, the same thing may not happen next year. The contract period of Anthony Davis will get over and he might go with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. Here is how Davis will become a free agent and the deal with the Bulls can be made.

Free Agency in 2020-21

 Anthony Davis Trade Deal Free Agency in 2020

Anthony Davis will get the player option with the LA Lakers team in the NBA 2020-21 season. If Davis declines the offer, he will become an unrestricted free agent. Even though it will be stupid to leave the Lakers at that point, but it is possible to happen.

If the free agency 2019 is any indication, players can change their teams despite having a better re-sign offer and title chance. The same thing can happen with Davis as he turns into a free agent next year. There are also reports that Anthony Davis can join the Clippers soon.

Chicago is Home to Davis

Anthony Davis Chicago Bulls Trade

The fact is Anthony Davis was born and brought up in Chicago and it will always be close to his heart. Even Kawhi Leonard joiner the Los Angeles Clippers because he wanted to go home to LA. Davis can also do the same, as he always wanted to play for the Chicago Bulls.

As of right now, the Bulls have no great players are not in the title race. It might change next year and if that happens, Davis might leave the Lakers to join the Chicago team. The fans have to wait for the next year to see if such a deal actually happens or not.