NBA Anthony Davis Lakers Trade Deals Clippers NBA 2020

NBA trade deals are now basically over and the Lakers are said to be the top contender for the next NBA season. Los Angeles Lakers was able to acquire Anthony Davis from the Pelicans by trading out several of their players. It was a calculated risk to pair Davis with LeBron James and the duo looks solid. Apart from that, the Lakers bought in a lot of second tire players near to the end of free agency.

While some of them will have a permanent, others will be traded as soon as the free agency deal limit ends. There is also an ongoing battle with same town rivals LA Clippers as they managed to get Kawhi Leonard. Here are the future predictions of the Lakers team for the next NBA season.

Anthony Davis will be the Top Scorer

Anthony Davis Lakers Deal NBA 2020

Last year, LeBron James was the biggest player in the Lakers, but he could not much and the team lost at an early stage. Anthony Davis is now crowned as the future superstar for the Lakers as James will be sidelined. It is reported that LeBron James will play as a point guard in the next season as Davis will be the one who will score most of the points. With the assist from James and the powerful shooting of Davis, the duo could do wonders for the Lakers.

Mid-Season Deals in Lakers

New Deals of Lakers

There have been a strong connection between LeBron James and the mid season deals for the team he plays. It is not easy to afford James and the Lakers have already traded most of their assets for Anthony Davis. The Lakers have already bought too many players and will trade some of them as soon as the free agency deal limit is over.

Clippers to win the LA Battle

Clippers in next Season NBA 2020

Even though the Lakers are having a solid James Davis duo and strong line-up, it will be tough to match with the Clippers. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teaming up in the Clippers is a thing which has to be taken seriously. It is expected that the Clippers will win more matches as compared to the Lakers due to their consistent performance. The Lakers have a strong roster, but there is more depth in the Clippers team.