NBA news LA Lakers vs LA Clippers

Lakers vs. Clippers is now the biggest rivalries in the NBA after the free agency deals. Both the teams are stacked up and there is no clear winner here, it all depends on how the new team dynamics work out. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the biggest names with the Lakers making them a title contender. On the other hand, we have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the Clippers bringing the team to the top spot in the NBA power rankings.

The hype levels for their next game are gone through over the roof as it can be a recap for the next NBA final match. The personal issue between LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard has also made the rivalry very interesting. The next game between Lakers and Clipper might become the most-watched game in the history of the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers Roster

Lakers Roster

The roster for the Lakers is very much stacked up and they can’t even decide which players to have in the final spot. The Lakers have bought so many players in the free agency, it is now a choice for them. Here are the biggest names from the new roster of LA Lakers.

  • LeBron James – Small Forward
  • Anthony Davis – Power Forward 
  • Danny Green – Shooting Guard
  • Rajon Rondo – Point Guard 
  • DeMarcus Cousins – Center 

Los Angeles Clippers Roster

Clippers Roster

The Clippers have only a few big names but they have a deeper team as it is consistently together and winning matches. The two new additions to the team in free agency have boosted the confidence of other members and it can prove beneficial in the basketball court.

  • Kawhi Leonard – Small Forward
  • Paul George – Shooting Guard 
  • Patrick Beverly – Point Guard
  • JaMychal Green – Power Forward
  • Montrezl Harrell – Center

Lakers vs. Clippers is the Most Hyped Match

Match Predictions

Another reason the Lakers vs Clippers battle is turning more intense is because it is much more a personal fight. Kawhi Leonard wanted to join the team of Lakers, he even had a meeting with them. The only issue was of LeBron James as to whether he will control his attitude or not.

The two NBA stars had a conversation and it didn’t end well. It is the main reason why Leonard can’t wait to face James on the court again and the fans are hyped about it. The next battle of Lakers vs. Clippers will perhaps become the biggest event in the NBA.