LeBron James Lakers Win

Los Angeles Lakers signed in LeBron James in the last season and yet lost badly in most of the matches. Toronto Raptors got the NBA 2019 titles and the Lakers were not even close to the playoffs. It is going to change in the next season as the Lakers have rectified their mistake and made improvements. The problem was not with James, it was with the players who were on the court alongside him.

LeBron is a big man and most of the NBA teams target him and he is surrounded by the guards. In such a situation, the other team members need to support James and space the floors. While the Lakers have no such players in the next season, free agency 2019 has changed it. Anthony Davis, Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins, etc. are some of the names which can help LeBron James and the Lakers could win the NBA 2020 title.

Heat, Cavaliers and Lakers Comparison for James

LeBron James Team Comparison

LeBron James is an NBA legend who has proved his worth over the years along with different teams. Miami Heat went to 3 consecutive finals and won the first two, Cleveland Cavaliers made it to 4 straight finals and won the starting two. It was James who made it possible, but the teams could not hold to their other players and lost it in the later years.


The same kind of problem inversely happened with the Lakers in the last NBA season. It is about to change as the Lakers have now bought the players that James needs for a win. It is why the Lakers have the best odds for winning the next NBA title.

New Lakers Players are much Better at Spacing

LeBron James New Support

The new additions to the Lakers team are much better compared to the Cavs team members that were alongside LeBron James in the last season. Anthony Davis has a spacing rate of 33 percent and DeMarcus Cousins got it at 35 percent. The latest member of Lakers who had a title in hand a few days back while playing for the Raptors, Danny Green can space up to 41 percentage.

While Kyrie Irving, JR Smith, and Klay Thompson had a spacing rate which was worthless. Along with that, LeBron James will now play the point guard position, which means he won’t be surrounded by the opposing team players. He will have full freedom and less responsibility, which is exactly what James needs for a match-winning performance.