The Los Angeles Lakers have formed a brand new roster with new talented players for the next NBA season. The power duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is working hard on their pairing. Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins are also preparing for their offense and center positions. The Lakers have been planning for a new gameplan in the next season to surprise the other teams and have an edge over them.

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A new strategy has been adopted by the Lakers and the work is already under process. Davis is training under a new special coach, whereas James and Green are practicing their new positions. Here are the details for the special plans of Lakers to win the NBA 2020 finals.

New Coach and Trainer

Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Danny Green Special Training

Anthony Davis has been working under a special coach for shooting tips called as ‘Lethal Shooter’ and has learned new things. He has not revealed much about his plan and intends to show it on the basketball court instead. Lethal Shooter himself has praised the efforts of Davis and is happy about the progress he has made.

Mike Penberthy, the former Lakers coach during the times of Shaq and Kobe is also rehired to train the new players. As per the reports, the new team members are excited to have Penberthy back in the Lakers after so long.

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Change in Playing Positions

Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Danny Green  Change in Positions

Danny Green was one of the best offensive player and shooter in the Raptors, but it will change when he plays for the Lakers. As the Lakers have given the shooting job to Davis, Green is working on its offense. He is confident in himself and believes defense or offense, he will excel in every style of play.

On the other hand, LeBron James will play as the point guard in the next season after so much time. James used to play at the guard position in the Cleveland Cavaliers a few years and is now ready to repeat it. His job will be to pass on the ball to Anthony Davis so that he can shoot straight into the basket. Only time will tell how much the new strategy of the Lakers is effective.