LeBron James old footage

LeBron James is no doubt one of the greatest players in NBA, and he has constantly proved it. Whether it was taking Miami Heat into 3 consecutive finals or winning two titles for the Cavaliers in a row, James has the power. It is not just about the performance of James, he has an attitude which can’t be matched by anyone.

Other players are scared to play opposite of LeBron James as he is so fierce with the basketball. Even his own teammates are unable to keep up with him, and always pass the ball to him. Rare footage of LeBron playing during his high school days has surfaced online, and it shows that he was always a beast. The footage shows James making dunks and shooting with such ease, that other students look scared of him.

LeBron James in High School

LeBron James Young

The video is a montage of LeBron James scoring points in a high school tournament. It can be clearly seen that James is not giving a single chance to the opposing team, and they are too scared to even touch him. He is a beast on the court, jumping, running, and dribbling without any trouble.

It doesn’t look like James is a prospect. Instead, it feels like a professional NBA player is playing with high school students. The video is titled as, ‘Rare footage of LeBron terrorizing high school tournament’ which is enough to prove the fact. Lebron James was a beast and always dominated every other player in the court from the beginning.

Public Reaction on the Footage

LeBron James Public Reactions

The footage has been shared on social media handles, and the public has so far loved it. Most of the people are in awe of LeBron James and fills pity for the students who were facing James at that time. James was so tough at a young age, and it is easy to imagine how the games went during that time.



It would have been so tough for a 17-year-old high school student to guard James. The game with James looks as a 17-year-old guy is playing with a bunch of 8-year-old kids. There is no chance of matching up to him, and they are terrified of him. None the less, there is now one more thing added to the legend of LeBron James in the history of the NBA.