NBA Kyrie Irving trade Clippers Knicks Lakers Free Agent

NBA free agency is getting closer, and a lot of deals are folding out, and we are getting new information. It is almost confirmed that Kyrie Irving is going to the Brooklyn Nets for $140 million deal. At the same time, the Boston Celtics are replacing Irving with Kemba Walker for the same amount.

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It has made the other NBA teams fasten their process, and more and more meetings are arranged for the deals. The free agency is getting very interested as there is a limit in terms of cap space money. Here are the possible deals for Kawhi Leonard, and where he can go next.

Kawhi Leonard meeting the Lakers

Lakers Kyrie Irving trade deal NBA

As per the reports, Kawhi Leonard has asked for a meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers team management. The Lakers were happy on hearing that, and a meeting has been arranged with trade deal offers. While one must consider that a meeting doesn’t mean a deal will happen, it will be for checking out the offers.

The Lakers will tell Leonard about their offer and the pros of joining their team. Even in terms of money, the Lakers have around $32 million in their cap space, which will be enough for a trade deal. But there are very fewer chances for a deal due to many reasons.

Los Angeles Clipper or New York Knicks

Clipper or Knicks Kyrie Irving trade deal NBA

The real reason why Kawhi Leonard might not join the Lakers is because of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Kawhi Leonard was just named the NBA finals MVP, and the major reason behind the Raptors winning the title. There is no way he will be ready to go in a team which is already filled with other star players.

Another reason stated is that Kawhi Leonard is also considering playing with Kevin Durant. The only teams that could make this happen are the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers. With Leonard interested in the Clippers, a deal can most likely occur.