NBA, trade, Kawhi Leonard, LA Lakers, LakersThere has been plenty of speculation this summer as to where Kawhi Leonard is headed. At first, it seemed like it was a two horse race- either the Los Angeles Clippers were going to land him, or the Toronto Raptors would resign him. But it seems that things have changed since, and the Los Angeles Lakers now seem to have the best shot at landing the NBA superstar.

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Lakers making space for Kawhi Leonard?

Developments this Thursday have made a deal for Leonard even more likely. The Lakers got Anthony Davis to waive his trade bones and agreed to trade three players. They now have the cap space to sign a free agent on a max contract. It is being speculated that the Lakers and Leonard will meet soon after the free agency window opens this Sunday.

NBA Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers Free Agent Trade rumours

This shouldn’t come a surprise, after all, Damon Jones did say on “Get up” a few weeks ago that if the Lakers managed to get their cap space increased, they would emerge as a strong destination for Kawhi Leonard.

LeBron and Leonard in touch

Kawhi Leonard joining LA Lakers

ESPN’s journalist Stephen A. Smith revealed that Leonard was seriously contemplating a move to the Lakers. He also revealed that King James and Leonard had been in touch for the good part of the year. Leonard’s shoe sponsors, New Balance, too prefer that he moves to Los Angeles.

In fact, when Leonard asked to be traded from the San Antonio Spurs last year, Los Angeles was his preferred destination. And while there were rumors that the Clippers, and not the Lakers were his chosen destination, it no longer seems to be the case.

Even the bookmaker’s odds show the Lakers as the favorites to land Leonard. More developments are expected once Leonard meets with other franchises next week.