NBA trade Kemba Walkers Hornets deal

Kemba Walker is a name which is often overlooked in the free agency deals but has much value. The Charlotte Hornets are ready to re-sign Walker, but somehow a deal can’t be made. The 29-year-old All-Star guard for the Hornets is thinking to move on to other teams for a better deal.

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There are many teams which are ready to have Walker, once the Hornets clear him for a trade deal. It might make a lot of sense as the Hornets can’t afford him and there is no point in playing for a lower value. Here are the reasons why the Hornets can’t re-sign Walker and possible trade deals for him.

The Hornets are low on money

Hornets NBA trade deal free agents

The Charlotte Hornets have already overspent from their cap space and are now facing luxury tax deductions. The team is owned by the NBA legend Michael Jordan and there is no way he will be ready to spend money more money on the existing players. Kemba Walker wants more than $170 million and a longer deal.

On the other hand, the Hornets have five players which are eating up $84 million from their cap space. The Hornets are still due on paying their luxury tax, and freeing up cap space can help them a lot. It is the main reason why the Charlotte Hornets will let Kemba Walker go away in the free agency 2019.

Boston Celtics are ready for a Deal

Kemba Walker Celtics NBA trade deal free agents

While the teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are ready to offer Kemba Walker a good deal. The Lakers are in dire need of a third player to support the Anthony Davis and LeBron James duo. There are fewer chances that Walker goes with the Lakers due to the LeBron James attitude issue.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics want someone to replace Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker is a perfect fit. The Celtics are ready to offer a four-year deal to Walker at $140 million, and it is almost confirmed to happen soon. As Irving leaving the team, will offer them good money, there is no problem of cap space limit.