Kawhi Leonard News

Kawhi Leonard disclosed a lot of things in the introduction press conference of LA Clippers. Most of the reporters and fans wanted to know why did he leave the Raptors team and how did he decide between the Clippers and Lakers. While he didn’t give an exact answer, he disclosed some of the things. The reason to not join Lakers was more or less LeBron James.

Leonard wanted to beat a powerful Lakers team having LeBron and Anthony Davis as their power duo. Leaving Toronto Raptors was not something he did for money or fame; he just wanted to give time to his family. Here is what Leonard had to stay about coming to his hometown of Los Angeles and playing for Clippers.

Home and Family in Los Angeles City

Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers NBA Time with Family

Kawhi Leonard was born in LA city, he grew up there and always wanted to play at the Staples Center stadium. It was the best time to join the Clippers as he would also get the support of Paul George, and together they can create a legacy.

Leonardo’s home is in Los Angeles, and he was never able to stay there for long until now. Now he can be at his home, spend time with family, and have a relaxed life. Personal and Professional life will be now much more easy to balance for Kawhi Leonard, as the distances are reduced.

Next NBA Finals won’t be Easy

Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers NBA Next finals wont be easy

Even though the Clippers are at the top spot in NBA power rankings, it doesn’t guarantee a title. In the last finals against Warriors, Kawhi Leonard didn’t face Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson as they were injured. While in next year’s playoffs, Durant will be back along with Kyrie Irving.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have also prepared a new strategy for the Lakers to win. Even James Harden and Russel Westbrook have joined hands again, and the next NBA title won’t be so easy to win for Leonard.