Kevin Durant vs. Kawhi Leonard

NBA 2019 finals were more of a battle between Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, rather than Warriors vs Raptors. It became one-sided when Durant got injured and ruptured his Achilles tendon in the fifth match. Toronto Raptors won easily after that with a 4-2 lead and the Leonard won the finals MVP award.

As of right now, both the players have changed their teams after the free agency deals. Durant went to the Brooklyn Nets and Leonard joined the LA Clippers. Even though everything is changed, the two stars can still face each other again in the next season. Here is how another Kevin Durant vs. Kawhi Leonard battle can go in the NBA 2020 finals.

Rematch in NBA 2020

Kevin Durant vs. Kawhi Leonard Rematch in NBA 2020

Kawhi Leonard has signed a new three-year deal with the Clippers and made them a title contenders. Lakers vs Clippers rivalry is now a balanced battle and the Clippers have better power rankings. It means that Leonard can easily make it to the next NBA finals as also got the support of new team member in the form of Paul George.

On the other hand, Kevin Durant is recovering from his injury and won’t be back in court for this year. But it doesn’t mean that Brooklyn Nets can’t make it to the finals. Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan are already looking solid and once Durant joins them, the Nets can easily make it to the finals. Hence, if the Clippers and Nets face each other in final, the fans can witness a Durant vs. Leonard rematch in NBA 2020.

Durant vs Leonard: Predictions

Kevin Durant vs. Kawhi Leonard Match Predictions

One thing is sure, that no matter which team wins the title, the games will be interesting and full of entertainment. Durant will be recovering from his injuries and might not be the same player again. While Leonard is at his prime and can easily dominate the game. But we can’t forget the fact that basketball is a team sports and duos mainly scores the points.

Kyrie Irving is a name who can do great when he plays with Durant and the two of them have already taken over the internet. It is not like Leonard is alone, he got Paul George, but the two have not much history together. Kevin Durant vs. Kawhi Leonard rivalry will be almost equally balanced and the best man will come out victorious.