Kawhi Leonard News

Kawhi Leonard was one of the biggest names in the free agency who finally went with the team of LA Clippers. Another team from the same city, LA Lakers were also in the race to get Leonard but failed by a very close margin. There are various rumors which blame LeBron James for Leonard not joining the Lakers.

Anthony Davis and James duo wanted a third player for support and Leonard could make it a power trio. But nothing of that sort happened and the Clippers are now at the top. As per the recent reports, Kawhi Leonard has explained his reasons for joining Clippers, which makes sense in the NBA.

Taking Down the Super Teams

NBA Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers LeBron James Anthony Davis LA Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is kind of a player who makes and breaks legacies with his talent and hard work. The Miami Heat was about to win their third consecutive NBA finals in 2014, but the underdog San Antonio Spurs defeated them because of Kawhi Leonard. The same thing happened in the recent finals when Toronto Raptors won the title by beating the champion team of Warriors.

During both instances, Leonard managed to do better than the NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant. It proves his intention and attitude where he wants to repeat the same in the next NBA season. The Lakers have the best odds because of Anthony Davis and LeBron James duo and Leonard plans to even that.

Best Player of the Clippers

NBA Kawhi Leonard LA Clippers LeBron James Anthony Davis LA Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers was the best option as it is the main rival of the Lakers and operates from the same city. Kawhi Leonard is now the biggest star in the Clippers, where no one will question his ability. Even Paul George has been added to the team of Leonard’s recommendation.

The duo of Leonard and George looks solid and is ready to take on their opponents. Lakers vs. Clippers have now become the hottest rivalries in NBA and it will be exciting to see how does it play out. The main battle will be between Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James and the best man will take the NBA 2020 title.