NBA Kawahi Leonard trade deal LA Lakers Free Agency

NBA free agency is about to end and yet Kawhi Leonard has not made his decision about which team to join next. Even though there are three teams in the race, the Lakers could be a winner. Leonard has also options to join the Clippers or go back to the Raptors, but maybe it won’t happen. The fact is Leonard in the Lakers makes them the frontrunners for NBA 2020 finals and people won’t like that.


The balance of power should be equal and a single team having all the great stars is not acceptable. Golden State Warriors has been in the previous 5 NBA finals, and people were glad when they lost to Raptors this year. Here are the reasons why Leonard in Lakers would make everyone hate the team and the players.

Kawhi Leonard can change the Game

NBA Kawahi Leonard trade deal LA Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is such a name that has the ability to change any game on its own. He proved his worth for the first time in the NBA 2014 finals of San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat. The team of Miami Heat was on their third consecutive finals, but the record was broken by Spurs. Leonard even won the 2014 NBA Finals MVP for his contribution in the game.

The defeat to Heat was so devastating that LeBron James changed his team from Miami and went with the Cleveland Cavalier. The same miracle was repeated again by Kawhi Leonard when he helped the Raptors to beat the Warrior from winning a third NBA final in a row. Once again he won the MVP and proved how much of a great player he is. It is the main reason why every NBA team wants to sign a deal with Leonard.

Too much Power in the Lakers Team

NBA Kawahi Leonard trade deal LA Lakers Free Agency

Since Kevin Durant has left the Warriors team, the Golden State Warriors are no longer the final contenders for next season. Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, etc. have equal chances of winning NBA 2020 finals. But if Kawhi Leonard joins the Los Angeles Lakers team, the balance of power will again become unstable.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are already a part of the Lakers and Leonard joining them will make the most powerful trio in NBA history. The Lakers team would be unbeatable and no one from the other cities would like that. Without healthy competition, fans all over the world would start hating the Lakers team and Leonard.

UPDATE: Kawahi Leonard has finally made a decision to join the LA Clippers.