NBA Trade deal Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Lakers Clippers Raptors Knicks

NBA free agency has seen some major deals, yet one of the biggest free agents is yet not done. Kawhi Leonard is the most in-demand player for the next NBA season, and every team wants him. At one time, the name was almost forgotten after Leonard suffered from quads injury in 2017. But he came back, changed his team, and went on to win the NBA finals.

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For his efforts and contribution, Kawhi Leonard was also named as the finals MVP of the year. Leonard is always in the headlines; daily new rumors are circulating online about his future deals. Here is the roundup of all the updates and rumors regarding Kawhi Leonard free agency.

Lakers, Clippers, Raptors, and Knicks

Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Trades Deals Lakers, Clippers, Raptors and Knicks

As of right now, the Lakers, Clippers and Toronto Raptors are the top three names that could acquire Kawhi Leonard in a deal. There are also reports that the New York Knicks team is also meeting with Leonard, but a deal might not be made.

Before the free agency started, it was said that Leonard would go to the LA Clippers. Just after the initial deals in free agency, the Lakers became the top contenders to land a deal with Leonard. The latest rumors are saying that Kawhi Leonard will go back to his original team of Toronto Raptors. Nothing can be said for sure until the man himself declares something to the world.

Kawhi Leonard Activity Rumors

Kawhi Leonard Free Agency Trades Deals

The Kawhi Leonard trade deal is such a huge activity that most of the sports and news networks are keeping tabs on his daily activities. Wherever Leonard goes, the paparazzi and the Raptors fans are following him. There is a local news channel in Toronto, which has kept tabs on the flight schedule and car rentals for each day.

When the rumors about Leonard joining the Lakers came out, the Toronto fans came out on the street and started an outrage. There have been reports of Kawhi Leonard, and Magic Johnson (Ex-President of Lakers team) are in contact. Some rumors are pairing Leonard with Jimmy Butler, while some with the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Why does every team want Leonard?

Kawhi NBA trade deals Free agent

The year was 2014, and the NBA finals were played between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. At that time, Kawhi Leonard was a rookie player, but he single-handedly defeated the Heat team by a 4-1 match series. The Spurs became the NBA title champion, and Leonard was named as the MVP of the finals. He repeated the same thing this year, and the Raptors thrashed the Warriors for their first ever win.

Kawhi Leonard can turn any game in his favor, and every team knows it. Any team that has Leonard in their squad has high chances of winning the next NBA finals. It is the main reason why Leonard is so much in demand, and there are so many rumors floating around.