NBA LA Lakers Dwight Howard deal Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has tried his best and yet none of the NBA teams is offering him a new deal. Houston Rockets waved him off in the last season and Melo’s NBA journey is kind of lackluster after that. To make things worse, even the USA basketball team rejected his offer to play.

There are also reports stating that the NBA has blackballed Melo and no one would hire him. Los Angeles Lakers signing Dwight Howard over Carmelo Anthony is an indication of the same thing. The former NBA star Charles Oakley says the whole thing is embarrassing and an insult to Anthony.

Melo should have never left Knicks

NBA LA Lakers Dwight Howard deal Carmelo Anthony Melo should not have left Knicks

Lakers were looking for possible replacements after DeMarcus Cousins was injured and Anthony’s name came up in the trade talks. But to everyone’s surprise, the Lakers signed Dwight Howard and it kind of feels bad for Melo. Charles Oakley, who himself was an NBA All-Star in 1994 feels it is not right.

There is no way the Lakers prefers Howard over Melo and the whole thing is done as a means to insult him. Oakley further said that the 35-year-old NBA star should have never left the Knicks team. Anthony was a perfect fit in New York Knicks and should have played for few more years and they could have won a title together.

Future Deals for Carmelo Anthony

NBA LA Lakers Dwight Howard deal Carmelo Anthony  Future deals for Melo

Oakley also wished Carmelo Anthony good luck for his career and believes he will get a deal soon. He also added that Melo should keep playing and doesn’t join any team and wait for a better career choice. There are a lot of NBA teams who are said to be interested in signing Anthony.

Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with Melo for a long time. The latest name in the list is Brooklyn Nets who are said to make an offer for Carmelo Anthony soon. Kevin Duran and Kyrie Irving are trying to convince the Nets to sign Anthony for the next year in NBA.