NBA LA Lakers Seth Curry Patrick Beverly Kawhi Leonard trade deal free agent

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying their best to make their team stronger by adding in more players like Seth Curry and Patrick Beverly as a backup for Kawhi Leonard.

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The Lakers already got a big star in the form of Anthony Davis from the Pelicans in the draft lottery. LeBron James is already a part of the team, and now the Lakers want some supporting players. Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler are already on their list, but they might go to some other teams.

It is the main reason why the Lakers are also looking at the secondary names in the free agency. The Lakers want some good players who can play along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and help them in scoring baskets. Here are some of the potential players that the Lakers would want in their team as a backup option for Kawhi Leonard.

Seth Curry as 3-points Shooter

NBA LA Lakers Seth Curry Kawhi Leonard trade deal Free Agent

Seth Curry from the Portland Trail Blazers is one such name that is an ideal fit for the Lakers team. The main reason is that Curry is an amazing 3-point shooter with 45.6% field goal efficiency and 45% from the other side of the court.

The Lakers are looking for such players which can handle the ball thrown by James and David from the other side and score baskets with it. Curry is a young player and won’t have any problems in playing with LeBron James, unlike the issue Kawhi Leonard faces. The Portland team is also not keen on paying a high price for him, which makes his deal with Lakers totally possible.

Patrick Beverly as Defender

NBA LA Lakers Patrick Beverly Kawhi Leonard trade deal Free Agent

Another position the Lakers need to fill in after trading out Lonzo Ball is point guard defense. Patrick Beverly from the opposite team, LA Clippers is also on the interest list of the Lakers. While Beverly is not as good as Lonzo, but he has improved over the past years.

During the last NBA season, Patrick had an average of 40% and 5.5 three-point attempts per game. The Lakers know that the deal with Kawhi Leonard may or may not happen, hence they are looking for backup options. A meeting is set with Leonard, but they are also trying for some contingency plans, in case things go south.