Chicago Bulls is such a team in the NBA which have potential but somehow misses it always from making it big. They have the players, the proper training and the coach, yet they are performing that great in the NBA. One of the main reasons is that they lack experience, as most of their players are very young.

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The Chicago Bulls have a current average of 23.6 with no player being older than 26 years. It is why the Bulls needs some veterans in their team from the free agency 2019.

Patrick Beverly

Patrick Beverly

Patrick Beverly is one such name which could do wonders in the Chicago Bulls team. He is experienced enough with the ball and is a good defender. Beverly could teach the younger roster of the Bulls a lot of things and can improve the overall performance of the team.

Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon NBA Chicago Bulls trades free agents

Malcolm Brogdon is another such name in the free agency, which every team is looking for the second tier option. It would be wise of Chicago Bulls to not wait that long and have Brogdon in the first attempt. There is very less chamber that the Milwaukee Bucks retains Malcolm, and he could be a perfect fit in the Bulls team.

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Jeremy Lamb

Jeremy Lamb NBA Chicago Bulls trades free agents

Jeremy Lamb from the team of Charlotte Hornets is another such name which is not happy with his current contract. The Chicago Bulls team should sign him for a one year deal, which could benefit them both. Lamb can prove to everyone his worth, while the Bulls team can have the required push it needs.

D’Angelo Russel

D'Angelo Russel NBA Chicago Bulls trades free agents

Another name that could surprise everyone is D’Angelo Russel from the Brooklyn Nets. He is such a name which could make a lot of difference if he plays for the Chicago Bulls. The Nets won’t likely offer Russell a max contract, as they are eyeing for the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant duo. The Bulls should use this opportunity and get D’Angelo Russel in their team by offering him a max contract.

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