NBA trade free agent Lakers Seth Curry Klay Thompson deal Clint Capela

NBA free agency is getting closer by the second, and there are so many deals waiting to happen. Whether the team get new players or re-sign the existing one, it will change the NBA games. There are so many deals which are almost confirmed to happen, while others are sort of a rumor.


But one thing is sure that no matter what happens, the next season of the NBA will be a major heat. The New York Knicks, LA Lakers, LA Clipper, Brooklyn Nets, etc. are some of the big teams which would make a lot of deals. Here are some of the possible trade deals which could happen in the free agency 2019.

Lakers want Seth Curry

Seth Curry

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a star player to join their team which could support the duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. There are a lot of big names in their radar, but the Lakers don’t have enough money in their cap space. It is the main reason they are now aiming for the secondary players such as Seth Curry from the Portland Trail Blazers. It makes a lot of sense as the young players won’t have any problems for playing under the shadow of LeBron James.

Klay Thompson deal with Warriors

Klay Thompson deal

It is almost confirmed that Kevin Durant will leave the Golden State Warriors and they are in dire need of a star player. Klay Thompson is also entering the free agency with a torn ACL. Between Durant and Thompson, the later is a much better choice as he will heal quickly. It is the main reason why the Warriors are planning to sign a max five year deal with Klay for $190 million. This is the only way left for the Warriors to save their team from breaking up.

Houston Rockets to send out Clint Capela

Clint Capela

The Houston Rockets are having a tough time this year gathering money after they extended the contract of James Harden for $228 million. The players are not talking to each other, and it is why the Rockets is sending out Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and P.J. Tucker. As per the latest reports, the Philadelphia 76ers might be interested in a deal for Clint Capela. The only thing not sure is whether the 76ers would trade out Jimmy Butler or offer a money deal instead.