NBA free agency 2019 will have a lot of stars changing their teams for a better deal. Kevin Durant would likely go to one of the New York teams, while Kawhi Leonard will go to the Los Angeles Clippers. The reports also put Kyrie Irving leaving the Boston Celtics for the Brooklyn Nets.

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When a player enters into the free agency, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will always change the team. There is an option for re-sign where a team can offer a better deal and compels his player to stay. As per some news reports, stars such as Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, and Khris Middleton might re-sign and stay with their NBA teams.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson NBA Free Agency 2019 trades Klay Thompson despite entering into the free agency, has every reason to stay in the Warriors. It is almost confirmed that Kevin Durant is leaving the Dubs team, which makes Thompson their next best player. The Warriors could offer Klay a max five year deal of $190 million, which is way better than what other NBA teams could offer. Also, playing in a Durant-less Warriors, means much better future prospects and chances to shine.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler NBA Free Agency 2019 trades

Jimmy Butler is a name which could even beat the likes of Kevin Durant in the NBA matches. Playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Butler was very close to defeat the Golden State Warriors and could have eliminated them. While Houston Rockets is hell-bent on having Butler, LA Clippers and LA Lakers are also trying their best. It would be smart for Butler to stay, get a max contract and take his 76ers team to the finals next year.

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Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton NBA Free Agency 2019 trades

Khris Middleton is another such name, which is often overlooked in the free agency discussions. But the player has the talent and could do great in the next NBA season. The Milwaukee Bucks tried to offer him a $13 million player option deal, but Middleton declined. After winning 60 matches in the NBA, the Bucks knows what Khris is capable of. They will try their best to re-sign Middleton and even he would have the best deal from the Milwaukee Bucks only.