Golden State Warriors

NBA free agency 2019 is about to start, and the Golden State Warriors are looking for new players. The Warriors is the only team able to reach the NBA finals for five consecutive teams. They even had 2 continuous final trophies and could even have won their third one, but they lost to the Raptors.

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The defeat has cost them a loss and the top players wants to leave the Warriors. The free agency deal will start in a few days, and the Dubs team don’t even have much money to spend on some good deals. Here are the reasons why the Warriors needs new players and possible shooter they can get.

The Warriors needs new Players

Warriors is Broken

Kevin Durant got injured in the fifth final match against the Toronto Raptors which cost them the finals. The Achilles tendon of Durant was ruptured, and he may not be able to play for another year. Even another of their star player, Klay Thompson is undergoing for his ACL surgery.

Both the players are not healthy will take time to recover and wants to leave the Golden State Warrior team. DeMarcus Cousins is also planning to turn into a free agent along with the likes of Durant and Thompson. If all three of them leave the Dubs team, it would be totally broken and will have a hard time next year. It is why the Warriors team is in dire need of some young and talented shooters.

Top Shooters the Warriors can Use

Top Shooters needed by the Warriors

Here are some of the players, which the Warriors can afford and can help them make a strong team for the next NBA season:

  • JJ Redick – Philadelphia 76ers
  • Wesley Matthews – Indiana Pacers
  • Wayne Ellington – Detroit Pistons
  • Seth Curry – Portland Trail Blazers
  • Ian Clark – New Orleans Pelicans
  • Reggie Bullock – Los Angeles Lakers
  • Anthony Tolliver – Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Ben McLemore – Sacramento Kings
  • Nik Stauskas – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Jodie Meeks – Toronto Raptors