Golden State Warriors free agent trade: Derrick Rose, Rudy Gay, Brook Lopez

    NBA Golden State Warriors free agent trade Derrick Rose Rudy Gay Brook Lopez

    The Golden State Warriors have again lost out in the NBA Finals. Their loss left them at the end of a lot of trolling and memes. In the end, it was a major injury crisis and a serious lack of depth that caused their defeat.


    The Warriors must address those problems. And in a summer that looks filled with free agency madness, the Warriors can get some great picks in the market as well.

    #1. Derrick Rose

    Derrick Rose is, of course, famous for being the youngest MVP in NBA history. He’s had a roller-coaster of a career but has taken big strides towards reviving his career. He had an average of 18 points per game and scored a career high of 50 points this year as well.

    Derrick Rose Golden State Warriors free agents trade

    While Rose may not be a star, he is definitely a solid addition and will only improve.

    #2. Rudy Gay

    Rudy Gay is another player who could come in as a very solid option for the Warriors. A veteran, Gay has been in the NBA for over 12 years now, and has a decent 17.6 points per game on average.

    Rudy Gay Golden State Warriors free agents trade

    His performance in the playoffs was quite encouraging as well- averaging 20 points and 6 rebounds in the last two games of round 1. Gay would be a great replacement for Kevin Durrant while he recovers from his injury.

    #3. Brook Lopez

    Perhaps the most enticing players from the free agents for the Warriors is Brook Lopez. The big sharpshooter has had his best season yet and looks fully ready to compete.

    Brook Lopez Golden State Warriors free agents trade

    Lopez drilled 200 3 pointers and blocked over 170 shots, a record in the NBA. His versatility and shot blocking and shooting from deep will be huge assets for the Warriors. The only question is- will the Warriors be able to afford him?

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