NBA Free Agency 2019 trade deal Kevin Durant Warriors Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Nets Kawhi Leonard Raptors

It is that crazy, frantic time of the year again. The NBA Free agency is upon us, and with $474 million in cap space available among the 30 franchises (which is more than the last two summers combined), it promises to be a fascinating offseason for NBA fans.

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With around 200 free agents and a few high profiles All-Star picks to choose from, here are a few predictions for the upcoming free agency:

#1. Kevin Durant to the Warriors

The Warriors star has some unfinished business. It seemed like a third consecutive championship win was a foregone conclusion, but season-threatening injuries totally derailed the Warriors’ bid for the championship.

NBA Free Agency 2019 trade Kevin Durant Warriors

A long year of recovery awaits for Kevin Durant. Given the circumstances, a continued stay with the Warriors by signing a 5-year max contract makes the most sense.

#2. Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets

Confirmation for this move has already come from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Kyrie Irving is indeed heading to the Brooklyn Nets, and it seems he has already brought a property in the area if the Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher is right.

NBA Free Agency 2019 trade deal Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets

The signing of an NBA star like Irving would give the Nets a much-needed boost, one that could be multiplied if he could somehow convince Kevin Durant to join him at the Nets.

#3. Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors

This a bold claim, amongst daily links of Leonard moving to either the Clippers or the Lakers. Most of the weight behind it comes from the fact that Leonard is simply the most unpredictable and unreadable star in the NBA. There is no telling what he is thinking, and what his next move.

NBA Free Agency 2019 trade deal Kawahi Leonard Raptors

Also, a first championship win with the Raptors has got to count as well!

#4. D’Angelo Russell to move on from the Nets

Kyrie Irving’s future seems certain – he will move to the Nets. And with Irving looking like a lock, it is perhaps time for Russell to move on and look for a new team.

NBA Free Agency 2019 trade deal D'Angelo Russell Nets

There is plenty of interest in Russell, but according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, it is the Lakers who are the front-runners at the moment.