Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks trade deal

Carmelo Anthony has been missing out the NBA action for too long and even Team USA declined his offer to play. It is around a year since we saw Melo in the basketball court and still, none of the teams have offered him a deal. There are mixed reports where some say Anthony is blackballed by the NBA and others say deals with Lakers, Heat or Nets are on their way.

One team which actually needs Anthony badly is none other than New York Knicks. Free Agency 2019 was kind of a bust for the Knicks and they lack a star player in their team. The latest rumors indicated that Knicks are now interested in Carmelo and a deal could be made soon.

Practice Sessions with Knicks

Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks Practice Sessions

New York Knicks are apparently inviting their veteran players for the scrimmage and the name of Carmelo Anthony is also on the list. Hasheem Thabeet is one of the names that was invited to the practice sessions as the Knicks are actually interested in signing a deal with him.

The same may also apply to the 35-years-old Melo who is a 10 times NBA All-Star member. The Knicks have arranged an informal 5-on-5 scrimmage in the Columbia University and Melo can headline the whole thing.

Melo and Knicks need Each Other

Knicks and Melo needs Each Other

The Knicks aren’t exactly loaded with the top quality player and a deal with Carmelo Anthony won’t hurt anyone. Melo has played for more than 6 years in New York and has a huge fan following. He could garner a lot of interest, sell tickets for the games in New York and help the younger players.

Even for Carmelo, there is no better way to retire while playing for the Knicks. Most of the NBA has stopped giving any importance to the Knicks and Melo, a deal could benefit both the sides. Anthony could soon return in the New York Knicks team for the next NBA season.