NBA Carmelo Anthony Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets

Carmelo Anthony is still not on any of the NBA teams and fans are unable to accept the fact. Melo has played for a lot of teams and out of which he spent more than six years with the Knicks. There are a lot of fans of the NBA star in New York City and they would love to have him back. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets which is basically a New York team.

The latest rumors are saying that Durant and Irving are forcing the Nets to sign Anthony. While it could totally happen and the fans would love to see Melo in Brooklyn, the idea is kind of a disaster. The Nets would have a tough time as the three big names of Durant, Irving and Anthony will be a management disaster.

Fame, Limelight and Ego

NBA Carmelo Anthony Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets Fame Ego and Limelight

Despite not being on any of the team since the last year, Carmelo Anthony is still kind of a big name in the NBA. There are a lot of Melo fans in New York and the whole of US and he’s recent interview has garnered a lot of attention. Carmelo was seen blaming the Rockets team and James Harden for his current state.

Many of his friends have accused NBA teams and owners are conspiring against him. The New York City tabloids are waiting for any deal between Nets and Anthony so that they can scoop out gossips from it. Melo is now accustomed to the fame and limelight and it could be dangerous for the Nets. If he performs good, they will hail him as a hero, otherwise there will be a blame game on each other.

Trio of Durant, Irving and Anthony

Trio of Durant Irving and Anthony

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony are good friends and played with each other in Team USA and NBA All-Star games. The two stars coming in the support of Melo is obvious as a similar thing can happen with them too and it is better to set an example.

There is no doubt that trio of all three superstars would be powerful but it comes with a catch. There is no way all of them can play together without having any sort of differences. Further, Durant and Irving are in their prime years and Melo has gotten slow and older.