Ja Morant talks about NBA 2K20, reveals player ratings and career mode; Release date set in September?

NBA 2K20 has been one of the most popular sports games due to its real basketball effects and player models. Gamers can create personalized players or play as other popular NBA players, which is almost like their real-life counterparts.

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With NBA 2K20 releasing in a few months, players who have rendered their models for the games are coming up with new game details. NBA prospect Ja Morant has shared the following new details about the NBA 2K20 game.

Ja Morant on his NBA 2K20 ratings

Ja Morant is one of the youngest players who can be a top prospect on the NBA 2019 draft. There were already reports about Ja Morant as a rookie player in NBA 2K20, which were further confirmed by the basketball sophomore.

Yes, of course, getting a 99 rating in “NBA 2K20” would be a dream come true, but it’s almost next to impossible. There is no rating for rookies that high, especially when the games are trying to mimic the real world as close as possible.

It is evident that Ja Morant understands how the NBA 2K20 rating system works and is quite optimistic about his role. It would be nice to see how the future rating of Morant progresses over time.

NBA 2K20 Player Ratings

There are several rules and aspects to how the NBA 2K20 game will decide the player ratings. It has always been the case that even the best players are not given maximum ratings in the NBA 2K series games. Even in NBA 2K20, no rookie was rated over 80, while the highest rating in pro-players was 97 for Zion Williamson.

NBA 2K20 Release Date

No specific release date has been revealed, but reports confirm it will release in September 2019. Previous NBA 2K games had their release date set in September, and it is likely to be the same month for NBA 2K20. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more NBA 2K20 updates and other news.