NBA 2K20 Features

NBA 2K20 has already garnered a lot of attention from the fans of the basketball gaming franchise.

Even though the very little amount of details have been confirmed by 2K Sports and Visual Dynamics. So we take a look at all the possible inclusions and rumors related to the highly anticipated NBA 2K20.

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NBA 2K20 Features

2K Sports has not been very transparent about the features that made their way to the games through the history of this gaming franchise.

From the little details that we have about the game, one thing is very clear and that is WNBA player Renee Montgomery is going to be in the game.  This could be the hint that this title might include Women’s Basketball as well.

Another rumor hints that Ronnie 2K has some scenes in the game MyCareer mode.

The NBA 2K20 will also feature an improve the off-ball system as well as improved ball tangibility. The developer is also working to improve the quality of cutscenes as well as audience animations.

NBA 2K20 Editions

The game is expected to have two variants: a basic standard edition and one with special goodies and early release date.

NBA 2K20

It is very clear that the special edition will cost you some money.

NBA 2K20 Mobile

The NBA 2K20 is expected to launch on all major mobile devices including Android,iPhone, and iPad.

The mobile version will not pack all the features and it is generally a stripped down version of the original game. The game will be retailed on all mobile app store at an expected price of $7.99.

NBA 2K20 Bonus for Pre-Order

The users will get some in-game goodies for pre-ordering the game.

Last year developers offered 5,000 Virtual Currency,1 Cover Athlete Sapphire MyTEAM Card and 10 MyTEAM league packs.

NBA 2K20 Price

The standard variant of NBA 2K20 is likely to be priced at $59.99. The special edition is clearly going to be priced higher.

The 20th Anniversary Edition of 2K19 was priced at $99.99 at the launch of the game.

NBA 2K20 Release Date

NBA 2K20 Release Date

There has been no indication about the launch of the game. NBA 2K20 is expected to launch in the next few months or week.