NBA 2K20 Release Date Gameplay Details

NBA 2K20 is all set to be the next major game in the illustrious line of NBA games. While the game is still at least a quarter away from its release, fans are already excited about the prospects that lie ahead for them. The game is expected to bring out some of the most-demanded features this time around.

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NBA 2K20 Release Date
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Let us take a closer look at the game – when will it release, as well as what new features are going to be included in it!

NBA 2K20 Release Date – When Will it Come Out?

The latest game in the NBA series does not have a definitive release date as of now, but going by the regular release schedule of these games, we expect it will come out late in Q3 2019. The last two games released on the 11th and the 19th of September.

NBA 2K20 Gameplay Details
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Given the same timeline, we expect NBA 2K20 release to also take place around the same time. However, no official confirmation is out yet.

Fan-Demanded Features in the Game

NBA 2K20 is all set to finally bring forward the offline MyCareer mode. Given that this mode is one of the most popular gaming modes, fans were disappointed as it had gone online-only for some time.

NBA 2K20 MyCareer Mode
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Fans want to know if they can play the game offline and then save the progress when they get online next. In the past, the game had cited protection against hacking but there’s a big chance it might be included in this game!