NBA 2k18 has been a significant financial and gaming hit. The game has provided some of the best basketball experience over the years.

Expected Features of NBA 2K20

NBA 2k20 game is expected to be the biggest game in this whole franchise if we look at the recent deal inked between NBA and Take Two.

The Source reported that NBA 2K20 and the developer of the game Take-Two have recently finalized a new 7 year deal with a worth of 1.1 billion USD.

The newer version of the game is expected to launch a better and more transparent version of virtual currency and its use case.

NBA 2K20

We hope the newer version provides a higher number of free agents and practices to get upgrades.

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Gamers also expect a revamped celebration style with more realistic animation. Developers seem to delve into different ideas considering the ever-evolving nature of the NBA.

NBA 2K20 Release Date

The NBA 2K20 is expected to feature a highly touted offline to provide easier grinding for some characters.

News and Rumors

Even though the photos related to the game were bought down, users were able to grab the image of the players recording for the game.

Commissioner of NBA Adam Silver seemed to be happy, according to him not only the deal will provide a huge monetary gain but keep promoting the sport for several years.

Release Date of NBA 2K20

The studio 2k games have not officially announced the release date of NBA 2k20.

Looking back at the schedule of earlier games it is easier to deduce about the game’s release date.

The very first game of this years-long franchise was launched in November 199 and every game after that was launched in the fall season.
It should be noted that the last four games — “NBA 2K16,” “NBA 2K17,” “NBA 2K18,” and “NBA 2K19” — were released in September.