NBA 2K20 Cover

2K Games finally confirmed the inclusion of WNBA in NBA 2K after it released a short teaser trailer. The developers are yet to clarify the details on how WNBA will be integrated into the NBA 2K or specifically in NBA 2020.

It is not the first time a game franchise has included WNBA. EA added the female players in NBA Live 18.

Even though WNBA’s addition to NBA 2K is excellent, there are few things that developers should do so that it does not become just a fluff feature.

1.Accurate Body Types

One of the significant issue with the games is the inaccurate representations of female bodies.

It goes beyond facial structure; whole bodies of female characters are represented in the unimaginable ration. We would like to more accurate recreations of the female body.

WNBA NBA 2K20 Integration

Merely slapping a female head on single body render will not cut it.

2.Scan at least 85% of the female roaster

From what we have seen from the short teaser trailer, the renders look strong. We get a look at Las Vegas Aces forward in home and away jerseys.

We hope that the renders remain this strong all other players in the roaster.

3.Full Season Mode

The biggest issue with EA’s NBA Live was the way they handled the integration of WNBA into the game. You can only play the exhibition matches while playing on WNBA roaster. This limitation turned the addition of WNBA into just another feature.

NBA 2K20 Release

We expect 2K Games not to repeat the mistakes of EA. 2K should allow the fans to play the entire season.

4.Audio Design for WNBA

NBA Live lacked when it comes to the audio presentation of the game. Majority of the announcement of players were robotized which made the experience generic.

We want more fledged commentary package for WNBA inclusion in NBA 2020.

5. Gameplay Should be inspired by WNBA

We would like to see a more down to earth gameplay style, unlike the male counterpart which has high flying and above the rim gameplay.

The developers should aim for a more authentic game.

Final Thoughts

We and fans are hyped about the addition of WNBA in NBA 2K series and expect a fun experience when NBA 2020 release.

NBA 2K20 will release on all major platforms on September 6. Stay tuned with us!