Narcos Mexico Season 2 Release Date

Narcos Mexico season 1 dropped on Netflix on December 5, 2018, and since then fans have been waiting for an update regarding the second installment of the beloved crime drama.

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Narcos Mexico is a companion show or spin-off of the Netflix original which was called Narcos. The shows focused on various illegal drug cartels based in Mexico. It was written by Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard, and Chris Brancato. After the wild success of Narcos, the showrunners decided to give Narcos: Mexico a spin.

Netflix remains silent on the release date

Narcos Mexico Season 2Netflix has remained tight-lipped about any official details about Narcos Mexico season 2. As a result, rumors and speculations are in the wind. Sources have revealed that season 2 will begin right where the first season ended.

Scoot McNairy will play Walt Breslin, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, who will also be the head of operation Layenda. He would be heading the task force that is expected to look into the death of Michael Pena.

Pena will be avenged

Narcos Mexico Season 2The kidnapping and murder of Pena was the highlight of the first season, and fans are expecting that McNairy will give justice to the officer’s death in the second season. We can also expect the second season to have 10 episodes, just like the previous season.

Although an official release date has not been announced, Narcos Mexico season 2 is expected to drop later this year, or in early 2020.