Narcos Mexico Season 2 Release Date

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 is all set to take the storyline forward from where we left off at season 1. While the original Narcos show delved into the history of the drug trade, the Narcos: Mexico show is all about the modern-day drug empire. Netflix officially announced that there will be a Narcos: Mexico Season 2 in December 2018. Here’s a closer look at everything that we know so far:

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Netflix
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Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Plot Details

Narcos: Mexico Season 1 explores the birth of Mexico’s drug cartels and focuses on the Guadalajara cartel. The focus in the first season was on Kiki Camarena and Felix Gallardo. A crucial moment in the show comes when Kiki is abducted and murdered. This starts off with the war on drugs.

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Story
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In Narcos: Mexico Season 2, the focus will be on agent Walt Breslin, who narrated the first season. While we saw the criminals rising in the first season, Narcos: Mexico Season 2 will be more about the DEA and how they avenged the death of Kiki Camarena.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Release Date 

Narcos Mexico Season 2 Plot
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As of now, there is no certain release date as to when this show would launch. However, we know that it was renewed by Netflix in December last year and that shooting has already begun in Mexico.

Season 2 of the show is also expected to feature 10 episodes, in line with all the other seasons of Narcos as well as Narcos: Mexico Season 1. Given that El Chapo is back in the news, it will be interesting to see if there would be a third season focusing on him.

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