My Hero Academia chapter 223 spoilers

The last chapter of My Hero Academia has been truly amazing until now and we believe it’ll only get better from here onwards.

My Hero Academia chapter 222 saw the backstory of All For One and Shigaraki. As we have already seen Shigaraki becoming what he is today and the story will be focusing on his goal from here.

The Doctor who wanted an answer from him finally got what he wanted and even made a promise to help him out whenever he needs.

Meanwhile, we are also told about Gigantomachia who will not be very easy to convince like the Doctor so all of them are Sent to the battleground where they now have to take down Gigantomachia, so that they can win over.

And now, let’s discuss chapter 223 of My Hero Academia. Before we get started, we’d like you to know that the following article may contain spoilers to the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter. You may come across stuff that you might not want to know.

So in case, you aren’t looking to get spoiled, we suggest you to stop right here and go no further. However, if you’re cool with spoilers, we may begin.

My Hero Academia chapter 223 spoilers

My Hero Academia 223- Spoilers

In My Hero Academia chapter 223, its speculated that more than a month has passed since we last saw League of Villains going against Gigantomachia. And they aren’t making him acknowledge them. Yotsubashi also calls upon the League and it looks like a finger has been traced at many places that are League-related.

Talking about the Quick Liberation Army, Giran didn’t let anything away but they managed to restore all customer data. That’s the list which has more than 116,517 people.  The list also consists of major IT companies CEOs, political leader, Shuiesha, etc.

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League of Villains is seen as a target and it’s been told by Yotsubashi that the heroes can be called over to bring them down but he wishes to do that himself. They are asked to come over to an all-new city before he orders War. Now we are left with two options: fight against Liberation Army, getting defeated or get captured by heroes.

My Hero Academia chapter 223 release date

My Hero Academia 223- Release Date

The next chapter of My Hero Academia 223 will be out on April 8, 2019.

My Hero Academia chapter 223 raw scans release date

Raw scans of My Hero Academia chapter 223 will release tomorrow. Stay tuned.