My Hero Academia chapter 22

My Hero Academia chapter 222 manga has now moved into its new arc which will focus more on villains. The series has not only introduced us to new villains which we haven’t seen yet, but also gave more focus to Shigaraki as he rebuilds the League of Villains after the last arcs’ fallout.

Fans have also been treated with more of his past in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia chapter 222 plot

My Hero Academia 222- Plot

The chapter 222 of My Hero Academia sees more of the past of Shigaraki with the All for One after he got discovered by the villain following an awful accident. And the relationship shared by the two looks even more suspicious than what many My Hero Academia fans had suspected.

My Hero Academia chapter 222 Shigaraki’s Past

My Hero Academia 222- Shigaraki's Past

Shigraki suffers from amnesia before he came across All For One in My Hero Academia. He experienced a flashback which sees All For One firing a young Shigaraki, who then raises him to be the successor so that they could banish All Might to despair. The most recent chapter details the emotions felt by Shigaraki as he reveals how he felt before he met his master and before his master handed over a purpose to him.

My Hero Academia 222 All For One’s Past

My Hero Academia 222- All For One's Past

My Hero Academia chapter 222 goes on to reveal Shigaraki being showed the room by All for One where he will be raised and soon the Doctor and All For One tell Shigaraki that it was him who killed his family by himself. These memories of attack rushes Shigaraki into fragments and enrages him.

It was decided by All For One that he’d help him breed the rage while giving purpose to the feelings that Shigaraki possesses. This leads him to decide to use the Villains to take down the whole world and Shigaraki’s ideas got twisted thanks to All for One more than he realized.

When we got know about All For One coming across Shigaraki as a young boy, he painted the whole thing as a really twisted moments of Shigaraki’s suffering was ignored by the heroes. Shigaraki didn’t come to these ideas himself, he definitely had a push. Shigaraki may turn out to be nothing more than a pawn in My Hero Academia.