My Hero Academia chapter 222

Chapter 221 of My Hero Academia was as nice as the last ones, and we do expect the same things from what follows us in My Hero Academia Chapter 222. The last chapter gave us an introduction to the Doctor as an aide to All For One. Although this was long speculated among the community, it has finally been proven now.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222

We also find out that Gigantomachia is also like Doctor and is a loyal servant to All for One. Before helping Shigaraki, they just need to see if he’s actually capable and what is he made of before he succeeds All For One.

This is what we will find out in the next My Hero Academia chapter. Before we start, I’d like to let all readers know that this article may contain some spoilers from the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter. So, in case you don’t want to get spoiled, we suggest you to stop going through the article right here.

However, if you aren’t bothered by spoilers, here we go.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222: Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 222- Spoilers

It looks like My Hero Academia spoilers will now focus a lot on Shigaraki Tomura. Although there haven’t been many spoilers coming this week, a source revealed that Shigaraki will be a nice decision, which will be changing his character a little too. Until now, Shigaraki has been someone who wanted to defeat All Might and all the Heroes. However, there is more to him than it looks.

There’s a source and also some conviction and now that he has Doctor behind him who has made the weird Nomus too. The official spoilers believe that the next chapter will shed more details on Quirk Liberation Army as it’s been quite some time since we have seen them. Also, we need to check if Giran is alive or dead. My Hero Academia chapter 222 will be giving us the fate of Giran.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222: Release date

Chapter 222 of My Hero Academia will come out on 1st April.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222: Raw Scans Release Date

Raw scans will be out on 29th March.

Source: Otakukurt, Anime High