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My Hero Academia 219: RAW, Predictions, Release Date, Spoilers and Bakugo’s Hero Name

My Hero Academia 219- Predictions, Release Date, Spoilers- Bakugo’s Hero Name

We are waiting for My Hero Academia 219 after Chapter 218 gave the best possible start to the whole arc since we saw the Overhaul arc. We really loved it, and enjoyed every bit of it. As per our opinion, we are here to be treated with the forthcoming chapter. In the last chapter, Torodoki and Baliga finally received the Hero licenses, and well, we see them getting into action straightaway.

My Hero Academia 219: Predictions

My Hero Academia 219- Predictions

We didn’t anticipate them getting into action so early but well, guess we all were wrong. It seems like they will be heavily involved now in the arc of My Hero Academia. We believe that this will be taken down really quickly. As we don’t feel that he’s actually a member of the Quirk Liberation Army.

My Hero Academia 219: Spoilers

My Hero Academia 219- Spoilers

He’s someone working low-key under the top tiers, with them being stronger, according to me. I feel Todoroki and Bakugo will easily take him down and he will be captured for questioning.

Now many may feel that there has to be a way where the Hero Associations gets to know about the Quirk Liberation Army. According to us, that’s it. After Todoroki and Bakugo take him down, he will probably go on to reveal a lot of things. HE reveals in My Hero Academia about Army and that cues them to come in between the Quirk Liberation Army and League of Villains.

Destro’s children were also prodded in the last My Hero Academia chapter and I feel that after the villain’s defeat, we might get to see them react to it. It’s possible they get introduced here. Same goes for The League of Villains, who need to get introduced at this point. So we believe perhaps Dabi and someone else who haven’t been seen will be back in My Hero Academia’s last chapter.

My Hero Academia 219: Release Date

Chapter 219 of My Hero Academia will release on 11th March, 2019.

My Hero Academia 219: Raw Scans Release Date

Meanwhile, the raw scans will be out on March 8.

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Written by Vasu Sharma

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