My Hero Academia Chapter 218- Plot, Spoilers, New Release Date and More

Hello folks! Our point of discussion in this article will be Chapter 218 of My Hero Academia. So far, as we know, the story has progressed well, with the training arc finally getting over. A lot of action has been a part of its journey as we reach an end, and chapter 218 of My Hero Academia was pretty average overall.

My Hero Academia Chapter 218: Plot

My Hero Academia Chapter 218- Plot

In My Hero Academia, the parts that have One For All’s secret was incredible, so we’re hoping that the upcoming arc doesn’t end up neglecting the One For All plot. Unfortunately, last week we didn’t come across a chapter as Horikoshi wanted a break.

Horikoshi has been suffering from health issues and needs a lot of rest. Fortunately, for all the fans we won’t have to wait very long for the next chapter which will continue later this week.

My Hero Academia 218: Spoilers and Rumours

My Hero Academia Chapter 218- Spoilers and Rumours

A new arc will see the sun in My Hero Academia 218. We saw Monoma attempting to copy Eri’s quirk, however, failing at it miserably. Midoriya and Eri both made promises to people that they will help people by mastering their quirks. We believe that a villain arc is what’s needed at the moment, as we haven’t had too many villains until now.

When we last saw them in My Hero Academia, Dani met Hawks after the whole Endeavours fight. We believe that a formal appearance by Dabi seems around the corner. Villains are speculated to appear in his arc of My Hero Academia 218, and we hope to see something about Shigaraki too.

We want the next move to be made by the villains now in My Hero Academia’s 218, and I believe that this arc will see Endeavours and Torodoki’s past too.

My Hero Academia 218: Release Date

Chapter 218 of My Hero Academia will release on 4th March 2019.

My Hero Academia 218: Raw Scans Release

The raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 218 will be out on 1st March.

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