A Modern Family spin off might be under works after the tenth and final season ends. Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy recently shared her views on her character’s future developments. Haley Dunphy is currently pregnant with twins.

Modern Family Spin-off Hinted by "Haley" Star Sarah Hyland?

Modern Family spin-off plot

Sarah Hyland said, “I think it would be brilliant if Haley turns into her mom as a parent”.

And it is a perfectly fitting situation to a Modern Family Spin-off. Claire (Haley’s mom) was a wild-child in her younger days. And now she is a competitive woman who needs everything to be spick and span. But, on the other hand, it would be weird to see Haley as a replica of Claire in a Modern Family spin-off. And it would probably be a shock to Phil and Dylan.

Sarah and the Modern Family cast

Sarah Hyland also praised the Modern Family cast for helping her with her health problems. Hyland was born with kidney dysplasia and has gone through two kidney transplants.

She said, “We are in our tenth season and I have grown up with them. We are so used to each other that they can tell when I’m unwell. They have been amazing and very helpful to me.”

It’s beautiful to hear that Sarah Hyland has such a helpful and supportive cast and crew. And now, it’s going to be tough for all of them, since they have to say goodbye to the show next year. Along with Modern Family, shows like Arrow and Criminal Minds are also going to end next year.

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Modern Family Spin-off Hinted by "Haley" Star Sarah Hyland?

What is going to happen in the next episode of Modern Family?

Modern Family’s Episode 17 is going to air on 13 March 2019 and it is called, ‘The Wild’. And here is the synopsis from ABC:

Gloria asks Mitch, Cam, and Phil to keep an eye on Jay. hence, they crash his annual hiking trip to find a bald eagle. On the other hand, Alex, Claire and Gloria, and Haley come together to plan Haley’s baby shower. ABC has also released a photo which shows Haley getting annoyed by Claire.

Modern Family Spin-off Hinted by "Haley" Star Sarah Hyland?