Arrow Season 9 Cancelled CW Network

It is official, Arrow Season 9 has been cancelled. The show, which has been around since 2012, is finally wrapping up. It was announced earlier today that Arrow will be concluding after a special 10-episode run of Season 8. The decision was announced by the Executive Producers of the show today.

However, let us take a closer look at why Arrow got cancelled and why there won’t be an Arrow Season 9.

Arrow Season 9 Cancelled
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No Arrow Season 9: Arrow Gets Cancelled

There are a number of reasons behind the cancellation of Arrow. Primarily, most fans too, believe that the show has had quite an extended run already. However, Stephen Amell, who plays the titular role in the show had also expressed his desire to quit after his contract for Arrow Season 7 expired.

However, Amell will continue for 10 more episodes now as Arrow Season 8 will be the last chapter for the show. Amell had met Greg Berlanti after Arrow Season 6 and had expressed his desire to leave after Season 7 ends. However, Arrow gets a conclusion with Season 8 and there will not be an Arrow Season 9. Amell explained that he did not want to overstay his welcome.

Arrow Season 9 Arrow Season 8 to be last season
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After Arrow Season 9 Cancellation, Are More DC Shows in Danger?

As Arrow Season 9 gets cancelled, more DC shows on The CW might be next. Arrow was the first of many DC shows to be aired on the network. This includes Flash and Supergirl which started later. CW President Mark Pedowitz commented:

Things will age, and we want to get the next generation of shows to keep this CW Universe going for as many years as possible,”

Arrow Season 9 Cancelled Arrow Finale
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A new show ‘Batwoman’ is also expected to be picked up by the network soon. However, more shows are likely to conclude soon!

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