A Modern Family spin-off might be in process, but should we be excited about it? Spin-off and revival rumors get caught up with almost every show nowadays. Shows like The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars already have spin-offs in the works. Even Game of Thrones is coming up with a prequel series after the former ends this year. Hence, it is worth pondering over if Modern Family will tag along with this trend.

About Modern Family

Modern Family is an American family sitcom which started airing in 2009. Since then, it has become one of the most celebrated shows of the decade. The story involves Jay Pritchett and his family who live in Los Angeles.

The family includes Jay’s second wife, their son and his stepson including his two adult children and their spouses and children. It revolves around three types of families: nuclear, step and same sex. The show is a mockumentary and the episodes are based on situations which many families come across in their daily lives.

Can we expect a Modern Family spin-off after season 10 ending?

According to showrunners Steve Levitan and  Christopher Lloyd, the spin-off is a possibility- if not planned just yet. The buzz about the Modern Family spin off came about first in 2013. However, four years have already gone by and there has been no such announcement of a spin off. Although, if there was to be one, it would probably be named after Haley Dunphy. The character is played by Sarah Hyland.

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Levitan confessed that the Modern Family spin off is not something that the team has any ‘substantive conversations about’. Nevertheless, the fans can keep their fingers crossed. Because, Lloyd added that growing interest has sparked off the possibility for a Modern Family spin off.

Should we be excited for a Modern Family spin-off?

If Modern Family continues its legacy as a spin-off, it could use some space. The Modern Family spin-off could release after 10 or maybe even 15 years. It would be right around the time when the young Dunphys and Pritchetts are starting their own modern families. However, the ultimate goal for Modern Family is to remain timeless.

It shouldn’t be revamped in order to seem relevant to its audiences. Apparently, Levitan told The Hollywood Reporter that the show deliberately tries to stay away from topical issues for that very reason. “We just try to be a little bit more universal, a little bit more timeless, and a little bit more subtle,” Levitan said.

Modern Family has already completed 200 episodes this year and has had its share of success. It is currently running its 10th season and is expected to end soon. It will be hard for the fans to imagine if the series does not continue in some capacity.

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Because it’s just that hard to let things go, right? Although we don’t know what exactly to expect, we can just keep our fingers crossed about it.